Hi there!

Our names are Ethan and Evan, sons of Zeus, younger siblings to Artemis and Apollo.

Just like them our powers are split. Sun and Moon, light and dark.

Perfect Harmony. Just like twins should always be.

We live in Windsor House at Dalton Academy.

Tumblr apparently wants to be a huge cockblock because it won't let us put up a tab for this, but we'll tell you anyway!

We are dating the lovely and wonderful Logan Wright, Our Knave!


(RP Account)
(These characters belong to CP Coulter's Dalton)


Leedes Lunchdate

The twins walked down to the cafeteria with bright smiles. They had just spent the morning with Laura and they were now in very happy moods. This was only accentuated by the fact that they were about to spend time with Logan. 

"Well…today has been considerably perfect in comparison to the last few days." Evan commented with a smile as they take a seat to wait for Logan. Ethan grins at him and nods, leaning forward on the table.

"I think things are finally settling into place." They grin at each other, grasping hands under the table.