Hi there!

Our names are Ethan and Evan, sons of Zeus, younger siblings to Artemis and Apollo.

Just like them our powers are split. Sun and Moon, light and dark.

Perfect Harmony. Just like twins should always be.

We live in Windsor House at Dalton Academy.

Tumblr apparently wants to be a huge cockblock because it won't let us put up a tab for this, but we'll tell you anyway!

We are dating the lovely and wonderful Logan Wright, Our Knave!


(RP Account)
(These characters belong to CP Coulter's Dalton)


Evan storms back into Windsor, heading straight upstairs to where he knows Ethan is in their room. Ethan looks up immediately from where he had been frowning at his phone.


"Adam deluded Logan into not loving us in the hope that we’d come running to him." Evan spat out through gritted teeth, his voice dripping with venom. Ethan’s eyes widened and he dropped the phone.

"Oh Gods…..Evan what are we going to do?"

Evan flops himself on the bed with a sigh, the anger draining from him quickly, replaced by his aching heart and exhaustion. “I don’t know….Adam said he didn’t know if he could break the compulsion. He was telling the truth too.”

Ethan bites his lip, his eyes falling to the floor dejectedly. “Maybe….Maybe I can though…” He said softly, his fingers catching on the ring Logan had given them. Evan looked to him.


"I don’t….I don’t know. But we have to try something." Ethan’s voice broke and he laid down next to Evan, wrapping his arms around his twin. Evan sighed and returned the hug, his eyes slipping shut.

They had to try.