Hi there!

Our names are Ethan and Evan, sons of Zeus, younger siblings to Artemis and Apollo.

Just like them our powers are split. Sun and Moon, light and dark.

Perfect Harmony. Just like twins should always be.

We live in Windsor House at Dalton Academy.

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We are dating the lovely and wonderful Logan Wright, Our Knave!


(RP Account)
(These characters belong to CP Coulter's Dalton)


Leedles: Blame it on Adam

I’m not your boyfriend anymore.

Those words kept ringing through the Tweedles minds as they walked across campus to Stuart. They each gripped their brother’s hand tightly, neither speaking.

Logan really wasn’t in love with them anymore. The fact that something that they knew had been so strong had just been decimated in moments absolutely killed them. Ethan chewed anxiously on his lower lip.

He had felt first hand how much Logan had loved them. It had been an overwhelming, but amazing moment. He was really scared to be in contact with Logan’s new emotional state. Scared to feel that new emptiness that was sure to be there. Scared to hear the prefect say those awful words to their faces.

The last flickering embers of anger were still burning inside Evan. He knew that their chances of fixing this were slim. He just really hoped that they could override Adam’s delusions.